En Provence, en toute liberté

Provence was an expected destination and unpredicted time. As we explored its western part, the world was shutting down in lockdowns and we made it back home “just in time” before flights completely stop operating for travelers.

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Coastal Romania

Pivoines & Pélicans

The Danube Delta is a world by itself.. and one visit is most certainly not enough. But if you had to choose, spring must be the ultimate time to go as baby birds are doing their best to learn how to cope before fall migrations and mosquitos have not made a massive appearance yet.

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Coastal Romania

Le printemps sur la côte

In the land of the Lipovan, we did a little excursion in the spring time where the Romanian coast almost meets the sea with the sandbanks standing in its way, creating lakes.

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In the mountains

In Romania, the portion of the Carpathians Mountains on the territory is an integral part of the landscape once you escape the Capital.

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Northern Romania

Colors of Bucovina

Dans notre deuxième journée en Bucovine, nous allions voir encore plus de couleurs. Notre premier arrêt de la journée fut pour voir une démonstration de

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