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Mocănița Steam Train

For our non-motorized day in Maramureș, we had the unbelievable luck to be staying in the same town as our next full day would start and finish. Vişeu de Sus is the small town where steam locomotives carry a few wagons full of visitors along the Vaser river. Mocanita means “narrow-gauge railway”. The railroad was built in the 1930s for the transport of logging and it was never the intent to be going anywhere else than back and forth along the river.  But we noticed that the train can be stopped occasionally to drop someone on their way back home. 

Mocanita used a local transportation

We had already bought our tickets in advance since it was highly recommended (summer weekend in an area with very few covid cases at the time).  We had also added the full food package to our fee (snack stop after 45 minutes and lunch after 1.5 hour). As the train moves towards its final stop 21km away, the other side of the river has fewer and fewer settlements and lone houses and at one point, we are only admiring river and forest with no access to roads.

Après notre arrêt pour le lunch à la station Paltin, nous avions un peu de temps pour voir défiler les autres trains qui arrivaient ou repartaient (après avoir fait un demi-tour plus loin).  Au retour, même trajet mais toujours aussi magnifique.  Une belle journée dans la région!

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